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Our story begins on a fateful day in 2019 when one of our founders went to school to pick up his child. He was given a plastic card for entry and, lo and behold, it led to a lot of back and forth and confusion from the school’s end. Consequently he was not able to pick his child up in time. This led to the child getting scared and crying on the school campus. During the back and forth, our founder witnessed a lady who had come to pick up her grandchild. She had had the scare of her life as her grandchild had been boarded onto a bus which she was not supposed to board.

After some serious deliberation, our founder decided to try and find a solution to these and many other administrative and security hassles that schools face on a regular basis. As a solution he worked hard and came up The EXEAT Card system. After being implemented in 2 leading schools in Delhi-NCR, the system was given its first real world battle test and slight edits were made to make the system bulletproof.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in 2020 and shut down all schools and institutions and delayed the deployment of the EXEAT card system in other schools. During the lockdown, our team brainstormed ideas to implement COVID-19 protocols and safety measures into the EXEAT card system, which eventually led to its complete revamping Hence, our 2nd and flagship product, The COCO system was born.

The COCO system is built for 3 simple purposes -
1. To conquer COVID-19 by giving contactless control to institutions.
2. To Increase security.
3. To efficiently manage crowd flow.

Get COCO and conquer COVID today!

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