Our mission is simple, to help institutions manage their crowd-flow and data better and to help them “Conquer COVID with contactless control”. Control being the operative word, we want to help institutions get top-down control over all aspects of their business model and also improve security and give benefits back to all stakeholders involved.

Apart from doing all these things, we wanted something that is cost effective and makes the institutions self-sufficient (no unnecessary dependence on hardware vendors**). Our model is a new approach to solving these problems as reliable LAN, Wi-Fi and 4G/5G Internet is not always available everywhere and adds to the cost.

Our offline capabilities, integrated with a “human element” to take care of non-binary decision-making, adds to the flexibility of COCO. Fooling a fully autonomous system is much easier than fooling COCO.

COCO is built to streamline admin processes and give top-down control over the entire institution at your fingertips. Gone are the days where vital data points are stored on paper and may take hours to comb through.

Contact us for a demo to understand how COCO can benefit you over the traditional autonomous systems available in the market. Get COCO and get contactless control!

** COCO, being a modular system can also have specific elements (RFID, Fingerprint, face recognition etc.) added to it as per the requirement of any institution.

Technology Economics Administration Health  and safety
System Evasion Minimal cost of Hardware Independent of vendor Duplication avoidance
Connectivity Ease of Training Unburden your IT team Social distancing and COVID protocols
Devices   Environment friendly (No Paper records) Health hazards